Born in Punta Brava, just 45 minutes southwest of Central Havana, I emigrated to the United States with my parents in May 1972 on one of the last direct flights from Cuba. While growing up in the Little Havana area of Miami, my entrepreneurial spirit was sparked as I worked with my father in his hardware store. After graduating from high school, I attended Trinity University in Washington, DC.
After college I concentrated in Latin America business. I lived in Chile for over 20 years and worked in the telecommunication industry and then  specialized in Business development in Latin America. 

Upon my first visit back to Cuba in 2008, I knew I had found my “Eden.” On the exciting day - December 17th, 2014 - that President Barack Obama announced the historic re-establishment of diplomatic and economic relations with Cuba, I was visiting family and friends there. Soon after, I lunched Just 90 Miles, eager to share my beloved home country with other Americans. Holding a People to People General License, I have developed three distinct tours that will both tantalize the senses and educate Americans on the lively culture of Cuba. The tours will expose Americans to Cuba’s people, culture, art, religion, and most of all, delicious food. Custom tours are also available, for both entrepreneurs and leisure travelers.

To enhance the experience, Just 90 Miles has published a book that highlights the best places to eat and drink in Cuba. The goal is to help make the culinary experience as enjoyable and memorable as possible.

The Cuban culture has always been in my roots. I am excited to show you the island country that I so love and cherish – Cuba!